RSS Tutorials for Law Librarians

Welcome to this RSS tutorial for law librarians. Really the first two parts of the tutorial can be applied to anyone interested in learning more about RSS. Part 3 deals with RSS feeds for information of particular interest to law librarians, but can be applied to just about anyone as well.

The tutorials require Flash. When you click on a link a new window will open. Make sure you can see the whole window, including the control bars at the bottom of the screen. These control bars will allow you to pause, skip, and reverse the tutorials.

Also, make sure you have your speakers, sound card, etc. set up because there is sound on these.

Part 1: Introduction (approx. 6 min.)

Part 1 introduces RSS as a concept. This tutorial discusses why RSS is important, and looks at an RSS feed.

Part 2: Using an aggregator (approx. 13 min.)

Part 2 deals with how to set up an RSS aggregator and subscribe to RSS feeds.

Part 3: Advanced RSS (approx. 15 min.)

Part 3 goes over specific tools that law librarians can use to set up RSS feeds which might benefit their libraries.

These tutorials are by no means comprehensive. There are lots of things you can do with RSS which aren't covered in this tutorial. If you have suggestions for improving these tutorials, or requests for more RSS tutorials please contact me.

Jason Eiseman
Computer Automation Librarian
Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt