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SureID—Creating a Strong Brand in Tech and Security


SureID, Inc., is a leading provider of high-assurance identity management programs and services that ‎create safer and more secure environments for military, government, nonprofit and commercial ‎organizations. They integrate leading-edge technology and services into solutions that combine ‎registration, identity authentication and proofing, criminal history background checks, credentialing, ‎validation for complete end-to-end, high-assurance identity management. SureID’s flagship product, ‎the RAPIDGate® Program, provides highly secure gate-access-based facilities—such as military ‎installations, government buildings, federal agencies, manufacturing and distribution sites, ports and ‎commercial ports, and commercial buildings—with high-assurance identity management for a variety ‎of authorized personnel. ‎

When the company went through its corporate rebranding of Eid Passport to SureID, Schwabe led the ‎trademark clearance and protection. We also counsel SureID on its supply and service contracts, and ‎other technology‐related initiatives. We have become trusted legal advisors to SureID’s executive ‎management team.‎


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“As general counsel of a rapidly growing technology company headquartered near Portland, I have come to count on Schwabe as a 'go-to' firm for my company’s outside counsel needs. The firm is deep in all areas that one would expect from a full‐service law firm.”

‎– Katherine H. Cowan, General Counsel, SureID, Inc.‎