Timothy A. Danskin


Tim Danskin helps technology companies obtain patent protection in a variety of technical areas. He prepares and prosecutes patent applications involving a wide range of hardware and software technologies including computer memory, cellular wireless, semiconductor process and packaging, user interaction, system software and network applications. Tim’s broad experience allows him to quickly identify targeted areas for deeper questioning when drafting patent applications, and to find relevant distinctions during patent prosecution.

Tim also has experience with patentability, non-infringement, invalidity and freedom-to-operate opinions, as well as litigation support, trademark enforcement and patent due diligence. Before his legal career, Tim worked as a tax specialist at KPMG LLP in Seattle, assisting clients involved in telecommunications, software and e-commerce.



  • Prepared and prosecuted patent applications relating to silicon photonics interconnects, power management circuits, sensor data visualization, machine learning applications, augmented reality, high performance computing system software and many other technologies for a Fortune 500 technology company.
  • Worked with team members in planning prosecution of applications in client’s patent portfolio acquisition relating to specialized computer memory technology.
  • Prepared and prosecuted patent applications relating to mobile wireless device communications standards in relation to client participation in standards-setting organizations.
  • Prepared and prosecuted patent applications relating to semiconductor fabrication processes and semiconductor packaging structures for semiconductor manufacturing clients.

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