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Schwabe works with companies committed to achieving both social good and economic success. We work together to further economic value while creating social impact in business policies, building social purpose into legal structures and addressing social needs through entrepreneurial giving.

We understand your unique challenges

Schwabe believes in the value of addressing social needs and challenges while creating economic value and engaging in entrepreneurialism. Particularly in the technology sector, the days of solely maximizing net income are giving way to a focus on social impact and environmental responsibility.

With this new approach comes a variety of unique challenges. Schwabe is committed to helping companies navigate complex issues surrounding:

  • Building social impact into the DNA of your company
  • Obtaining B corporation status
  • Business and employee policies
  • Commercial co-ventures
  • Joint ventures between non-profits and businesses
  • Corporate foundations and disaster relief funds
  • Fundraising with investors who value social impact
  • Taxes
  • Licensing strategies
  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Employment


Experienced and knowledgeable

Schwabe has worked with a wide range of socially committed entities, from non-profits and B corps to private sector corporations and research institutions. Our team brings practical, relevant experience to every client relationship, and our regional focus ensures a deep understanding of legal issues specific to our clients’ organizations.

  • Incorporating shared value into the core of the business
  • Qualifying businesses to become B corporations
  • Mergers of social impact businesses
  • Investments by private foundations in program-related businesses
  • Funding social impact businesses
  • Acquisitions by social impact business to diversity their business portfolios
  • Messaging to consumers to create social impact

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