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As worldwide demand for energy increases and local demand for a reduced carbon footprint grows, Schwabe is at the forefront of the dynamic legal issues that impact the energy industry.

A go-to firm for energy companies and utilities

At Schwabe, our lawyers take the time to understand specific issues and opportunities within the energy sector, and how they affect utilities. We draw on our broad experience in the Pacific Northwest and knowledge of the local regulatory and political environment to counsel clients.  That expertise and knowledge also puts us in a strong position to advocate for policies that allow our clients to grow and thrive.

Schwabe’s work has included extensive representation in regulatory proceedings and appeals, condemnation, and attempts at municipalization. We negotiate franchise agreements, litigate contract and tort cases, and are effective advocates for policies that benefit our clients.

A green light for energy transportation

The Pacific Northwest sits at a global crossroads for the movement of energy resources, and Schwabe is a leader in helping energy transportation businesses move forward. We have advised on projects as diverse as natural gas pipelines, oil and ethanol transportation by both rail and barge, permitting for coal trans-loading facilities, and methanol production and transportation.

Counsel to developers and users

Schwabe represents both energy producers and large energy users. We help develop and permit co-generation facilities for large industrial clients, negotiate dispatch agreements for distributed generation, and consult on long-term energy supply and line extension contracts for heavy users such as data centers, high rise buildings and industrial facilities.  Our team also works closely with clients developing renewable wind, solar, biomass, coal, oil and gas, and small hydro resources, including negotiating transmission and ancillary service agreements.   

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