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Health Information Technology


Schwabe lawyers understand privacy and data security regulation at the federal and state levels, and the key role data analytics will play in navigating the healthcare economy of the future. 

We have been providing legal advice concerning the use, disclosure, and re-disclosure of health information for decades. Our clients include:

  • Vendors and purchasers of electronic health records and telemedicine providers and users
  • Companies designing billing software or mobile medical apps
  • Manufacturers of medical devices storing patient information


  • Represented a vendor of cutting-edge health applications in its dealings with a major university, and quickly resolved the allocation of data breach risk.
  • Created one of the nation’s first Patient Safety Organizations to enable the aggregation and analysis of clinical data from a dozen specialty practices nationwide.
  • Prosecute patents for major universities and medical ‎schools involving technologies ranging from medical ‎devices to diagnostics/assays to treatments to biochemical and pharmaceutical innovations.‎

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