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Life Sciences, Medical Devices and Pharma


Schwabe brings broad technical knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit to helping businesses and institutions at the forefront of medical innovation.

A full-service team that understands the big picture

Whether you are a nonprofit research institution, a bioscience start-up, or an established medical device company, we have the resources to support you at every stage of innovation and growth.

Our experienced corporate and tax attorneys can assist with corporate formation, funding/capital investment, joint ventures, and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Our intellectual property attorneys protect your innovations in the United States and abroad. We prepare and prosecute patent and trademark applications, litigate patent and other IP disputes across the United States, and handle agreements for patent/technology licensing, research collaborations, and technology transfer and commercialization.

Because we work closely with private sector bioscience companies as well as universities and other nonprofit research institutions, we are uniquely positioned to develop strategic alliances between private and nonprofit research entities.

Our clients include:

  • Bioscience start-ups and corporations
  • Medical device innovators and manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research universities and hospitals
  • Nonprofit bioscience research institutions
  • Institutional review boards

Deep technical experience

Many members of our team have doctoral degrees and considerable post-doctoral training in:

  • Biochemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Botany
  • Cell biology
  • Chemistry
  • Dental devices
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Medical and biological imaging techniques and systems
  • Medical devices, particularly in the field of cardiology
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Molecular biology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Neuroscience
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Plant biology
  • Veterinary science
  • Virology


  • Represent Oregon Health & Science University in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications directed to medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, drug delivery, and imaging.
  • Assisted medical device company RevMedx with the development and prosecution of its patent portfolio. We successfully ‎guided RevMedx through the process to obtain its first patent on X-Stat (a device that can ‎instantly plug bullet wounds to prevent victims from bleeding out before medical help arrives), ‎an invention that was named an Invention of the Year by Popular Science.
  • Successfully defended a closely held company before the Oregon District Court in a patent infringement suit launched by a global medical device company, obtaining the reversal of an $85 million jury verdict against our client. 
  • Representing medical device manufacturer in competitor patent litigation involving partially implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor system for diabetes patients.
  • Represented medical device manufacturer in multiple competitor patent litigations regarding transducers, medical monitor design, and intravascular guide wire design.
  • Led defense of large generic pharmaceutical company in multiple patent suits brought by owners of branded pharmaceutical products under the Hatch-Waxman Act.
  • Obtained summary judgment of non-infringement for large medical device company accused of infringing patents directed to a genetically modified reverse transcriptase.
  • Advised a prominent physician and renowned researcher as they developed a disruptive technology and partnered with a global medical device company to develop that technology, including joint development agreements and patent work.   
  • Represented a large pharmaceutical company in trademark, trade dress, and counterfeiting cases.

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