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South Coast Lumber & Affiliates—Protecting Assets


The forest products business is about more than trees and ‎manufacturing.‎

‎Much like the products they make and market worldwide, vertically ‎integrated timberland owner and manufacturer South Coast Lumber ‎and Affiliates (South Coast) is solid, dependable and long-lasting. As ‎an economic force and major employer along the southern Oregon ‎coast for over sixty years, their number-one goal is customer ‎satisfaction. With that goal comes the flexibility to respond to ‎customer needs and an unknown future business climate. For many years, Schwabe has been a trusted partner of the Brookings, Oregon, company, providing strategic legal services in a number of ‎areas, including employment, tax, products liability and real estate.‎

‎In 2015, when South Coast decided it needed to find an affordable way ‎to protect its standing timber assets, it collaborated with Schwabe’s ‎experienced team, led by industry veteran Kirk Johansen, to find a ‎solution. Working with Schwabe and its insurance broker, the South ‎Coast team negotiated an affordable insurance product that gave ‎them the flexibility to insure specific timber assets they wanted covered, and South Coast became a pioneer in ‎purchasing standing timber insurance in the United States. The deal ‎could not have been more timely, given the drought conditions ‎experienced throughout the West. Risks covered by the insurance ‎negotiated by South Coast and Schwabe are those arising from fire, ‎lightning, explosion and aircraft.  ‎

‎South Coast CEO Ron Fallert appreciates their partnership with ‎Schwabe, summing up the relationship with his own words: “With ‎Schwabe, we have the best of both worlds: smart lawyers, with decades ‎of institutional knowledge of our industry. The Schwabe team added the insight and skills we needed ‎to negotiate the standing timber ‎insurance policy and significantly expand our ‎risk management.”‎


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