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Recover Seattle Top Takeaways: Public Health and the Economy

January 6, 2020


On August 4, we debuted the Recover Seattle series alongside Downtown Seattle Association and Puget Sound Business Journal. We heard from top leaders in the health care field and learned that it’s time for us to shift from thinking of this as an emergency to understanding that this is the new normal and figuring out how to live safely for the next few years.

Our top takeaways:

  • One of the largest contributors to the increase in cases is household transmission: someone bringing the virus home and others catching it
  • On the medical side, we are seeing fewer deaths from COVID-19, but an increase in non-COVID-19 deaths, which is most likely due to people putting off their care
  • Finding a vaccine is not a cure-all for a couple of reasons: (1) it’s reasonable to expect that the first few vaccines that come out might not be effective and (2) we live in an area that has high vaccine resistance
  • Businesses with employees who can work remotely are encouraged to do so, and leaders should formulate a long-term strategy for it

In case you missed it you can watch the recording