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Schwabe Names Four New Industry Group Leaders

May 4, 2018


Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, P.C., is excited to ‎announce four new leaders within the firm. Arnold Brown will lead the Technology Industry Group, Stephanie Holmberg and Joe Straus will co-lead the Real Estate and Construction Industry Group, and Mark Long will co-lead the Healthcare Industry Group with current leader Bruce Howell. With six industry groups at Schwabe, these leadership positions serve a unique and exclusive role.

Schwabe’s groundbreaking industry-based strategy delivers more value to clients. Attorneys seek to combine high-quality legal advice with a deep understanding of their client’s industry. The industry focus areas are: Healthcare; Technology; Transportation, Ports, and Maritime; Real Estate and Construction; Natural Resources; and Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail.

 “Arnold, Stephanie, Mark, and Joe’s passion, credibility, and experience in each of their industries make them ideal leaders of Schwabe’s unique industry group approach. We’re continually looking for new ways to improve how we serve clients, namely through building teams of top talent. Bringing Arnold, Stephanie, Mark, and Joe into these leadership positions strengthens our industry teams and supports the diversity of thought we strive for at Schwabe,” said Schwabe CEO, Graciela Gomez Cowger.

These four attorneys bring a wealth of unique experiences and extensive professional backgrounds to the leadership team. Mark Long has worked at Schwabe for his entire 35-year career and has a deep understanding of Schwabe’s past and future, having served in many positions within the firm including as managing partner. Arnold Brown is a proven Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur himself and has first-hand experience in many facets of the industry; he was also named one of the 40 most influential African Americans in Technology. Stephanie Holmberg is a force in the construction industry and serves on the Board of Directors for the Portland Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction; she was also recently named as a “Woman of Vision” by the Daily Journal of Commerce for her leadership in the local construction industry. Joe Straus leads his industry group with years of nuanced real estate and construction knowledge and serves as chair of Schwabe’s diversity committee; he is also an active member of the LGBT community, including serving as a liaison to the American Bar Association's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. 

Arnold Brown will lead Schwabe’s Technology Industry Group. Arnold has been a successful technology entrepreneur, in-house and outside counsel, and leader of technology standards-setting organizations. Before joining Schwabe in 2016, Arnold worked in-house at various semiconductor firms, including chipmaker Silicon Image, and counseled technology clients at two prominent Silicon Valley law firms. Arnold’s deep industry experience not only as a lawyer, but also as an entrepreneur, allows him to better understand his clients. Arnold has represented companies in connection with more than 20 industry standards, he was the founder of a venture-backed digital music company, has extensive intellectual property experience, and has also guided tech companies from start-ups to IPOs.

Stephanie Holmberg will co-lead Schwabe’s Real Estate and Construction Industry Group. As a former in-house counsel to a national electric utility contractor, Stephanie has extensive knowledge of the construction industry and the unique issues project owners and contractors face. From drafting and negotiating contracts on the front end of a project, to effectively resolving disputes that arise down the road, Stephanie utilizes her strong communication and negotiation skills to help her clients better position themselves for success. Her industry experience helps her to see matters from the client’s perspective and provide legal advice that can better incorporate business objectives and priorities.

Mark Long will co-lead Schwabe’s Healthcare Industry Group. Mark helps public, private, and non-profit companies make sound decisions on the governance, structure, and finance issues that drive their futures. Drawing on nearly 35 years of corporate legal experience, he provides seasoned, thoughtful guidance to clients. Mark has a particular focus on healthcare, working with numerous medical and dental groups, hospitals, individuals, and related businesses. A veteran of corporate law, Mark formerly chaired Schwabe’s M&A practice, representing clients in hundreds of significant mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other transactions. Mark also served as a Managing Partner at Schwabe and knows the firm well. He has a vision for how Schwabe can adapt and grow to offer the best service to clients in the ever-changing industry of healthcare.

Joe Straus will also co-lead Schwabe’s Real Estate and Construction Industry Group. Joe started practicing construction law in 1982. His depth of knowledge reflects his passion for learning his clients’ unique businesses in order to resolve their disputes in the most effective and efficient way possible. Joe’s ability to translate complex technical information into easily understandable concepts traverses all sectors of the construction and design communities and encompasses all parties to construction contracts. Having previously led the real estate and construction group at his former firm, Joe will use his well-honed and practiced skills to advance Schwabe’s industry focus.  

About Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt is a law firm that offers a new type of client experience based ‎on a ‎deep industry focus. We provide a wide range of legal services to our clients through ‎‎‎comprehensive, ‎proactive, and industry-focused advice to help them achieve their goals. We ‎‎focus on six industry ‎groups: Healthcare; Technology; Transportation, Ports, and Maritime; Real ‎‎Estate and ‎Construction; Natural Resources; and Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail.  

With ‎more ‎‎than ‎‎175 attorneys, Schwabe is one of the largest Pacific Northwest ‎regional law firms, ‎with ‎offices in Portland, Eugene, Bend, and Salem, Oregon; Seattle and Vancouver, Washington; Mountain View, California and Anchorage, Alaska.


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