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Agency Actions and Rulemaking


We have decades of experience working to shape regulations that impact Pacific Northwest industries, landowners and maritime interests. We help our clients build coalitions and develop information to influence and inform rulemaking and regulatory compliance. When all else fails, we use our know-how and trial experience to challenge agency actions, initiatives, municipal ordinances and other government action.


  • Represented ranching and farming interests to fight listing of the sage grouse as a threatened and endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Challenged EPA jurisdiction in order to maintain state control and oversight of a private maritime business.
  • Represented a potentially affected environmental contractor in a successful challenge to agencies in court, thwarting an agency effort that would have damaged the contractor’s business.
  • Represented maritime interests in commenting on and developing a strategy to challenge ineffective and burdensome oil spill regulations proposed by a state agency.
  • Prevented the U.S. Forest Service from taking jurisdiction over a matter properly handled by the state.
  • Represented hundreds of businesses and individuals in successful efforts to defeat or reduce agency penalties or restrictions.

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