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Tax Planning


Schwabe provides keen tax planning strategies to support liquidity and improve the bottom line at every stage of the business lifecycle.

Successful businesses use tax planning as an integral part of long-term strategy. Schwabe finds tax advantages for clients at various stages of growth, including mergers, acquisitions and sales of business and property, corporate reorganization and structuring, and employee compensation planning. We advise on state income, sales and property tax matters, and have considerable experience in planning for tax-exempt organizations. Whether a client is forming a new business or preparing for a liquidity event, we can help navigate tax issues to obtain the best result. 

Advising organizations that serve our community

Tax-exempt nonprofits are important organizations in our communities. But exemption from taxes doesn’t mean exemption from complex tax matters. We work with nonprofits to obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS and state taxing authorities, analyze unrelated business income tax issues and address issues involving private benefits, private inurement and excess benefit transactions.  


  • Assisted multiple corporations in tax-free divisive reorganizations under Code Section 355.
  • Obtained private-letter rulings from the IRS for personal and business tax matters.
  • Reorganized a real-estate business to reduce risk and set up the business for future acquisitions and dispositions.
  • Obtained dozens of tax-exemption determinations from the IRS for public charities, private foundations and trade organizations.

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