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Schwabe helps companies monetize intellectual property and protect their business from online predators.

Our attorneys advise clients regarding Internet/e-commerce advertising and ‎marketing. ‎

We work with clients to develop terms and conditions of use, subscription agreements, ‎privacy statements, copyright infringement policies, sales terms, and related policies for ‎client e-commerce, SaaS, and other websites. We prepare specialized agreements, ‎such as iOS application end-user license agreements, related ‎to the licensing, use, ‎and distribution of web-based and mobile applications. Our attorneys also develop and ‎negotiate a host of agreements relating to the protection of intellectual property, ‎including trademark, patent, and content license agreements; confidentiality and ‎nondisclosure agreements; data hosting agreements and similar agreements involving ‎the ‎exchange and storage of consumer data; software, website, and product ‎development agreements; distribution and reseller agreements; and numerous other ‎related agreements. ‎

We regularly review client website content, ad campaign content, and similar ‎marketing ‎materials for compliance with the FTC Act and guidelines. We also provide ‎advice regarding required ‎disclosures in social media campaigns, as well as draft and ‎negotiate sponsorship and endorsement ‎agreements on behalf of our clients. ‎

Our attorneys provide consultation regarding compliance with ‎state laws pertaining ‎to ‎promotions, such as sweepstakes and ‎contests. We draft Official Rules for ‎such ‎promotions and help clients register such promotions with various states when ‎required.‎

We also advise clients how to comply with various e-commerce and online marketing ‎laws and regulations, such as the CAN SPAM Act, California’s Shine the Light Law, ‎the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and various other privacy laws. ‎

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