Martin S. Garthwaite


Martin Garthwaite identifies and protects patentable software and physical and electronic devices. With significant experience as in-house General Counsel for companies including eNom, the domain name registrar, he is an invaluable resource for clients regarding complex corporate and intellectual property issues. Martin enjoys drafting license agreements and negotiating agreements to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. 



Martin is a registered patent attorney with extensive experience prosecuting patent applications, drafting license agreements, and advising ‎and supporting clients with respect to complex IP issues, including with software, domain names, codecs, media player, speech recognition, server technologies, wireless, and physical devices. Martin has an in-depth understanding of IP issues and the different ways that startups and large established companies use patents, trademarks, domain names, and copyrights.

Martin has written and negotiated complex software licensing and computer services agreements, has handled numerous UDRP disputes and complex online fraud investigations, and has managed relations with ICANN, open-source standards bodies, and corporate formalities.

His clients have included Indix Corporation, Point Inside, FWD Global, and RealNetworks. He participated in the sale of most of RealNetworks' patent portfolio to Intel in ‎‎2012‎.

Martin enjoys preparing and working with 3-D drawings, managing patent information databases, and is an inventor of a new type of watercraft propulsion system.

Prior to joining Schwabe, Martin was with Aeon Law. Previously, he was general counsel of two Seattle-area high tech companies, including eNom until 2006 when he participated in the sale of eNom to ‎Demand Media. At eNom, Martin developed and implemented a strategy to manage complex trademark, domain name, search engine and copyright legal issues, the strategy supporting a revenue stream which added value to eNom and motivated eNom's sale to Demand Media.

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