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What our clients say

“Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt have a strong grasp of the legal issues and how to leverage the strengths of our position.”


“The patent team always demonstrates a comprehensive grasp of technology and IP litigation.”

Chambers & Partners USA, client highlights

‎”Schwabe has excellent patent attorneys, with outstanding technical depth and great business acumen, which ‎helps us make smart business decisions. Their work for us has always been high quality and their team has ‎consistently been available for time-sensitive issues. I strongly recommend the entire Schwabe team for ‎sophisticated IP work.”‎

Andrew Barofsky, President and CEO, RevMedx, Inc.

“The team gives excellent, sensible, practical advice and “their understanding of the international landscape for IP.”

Chambers & Partners USA, client highlights

“The firm has been a great partner for us. I appreciate their responsiveness, communication, quality of work and efficiency. I’m confident they understand our business priorities and tailor their advice accordingly.”

Chambers & Partners USA, client highlights

“The team is very efficient and professional. They can help us fix our issues with less time and expense.”

Chambers & Partners USA, client highlights

“When there is a challenge coming up, it may seem like it’s only IP-related, but there is a business element to it too.

They do a good job at getting the right people to advise us on all elements of the matters.”

Chambers & Partners USA, client highlights

“The firm is extremely responsive and aligned with client goals and practical needs.

It is a very thorough and knowledgeable team.”

Chambers & Partners USA, client highlights

1,775 U.S. & foreign patents

obtained in 2023

7,860+ U.S. & foreign patent applications

pending in 2023


  • Represent Oregon Health & Science University in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications directed to medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, drug delivery, and imaging.
  • Worked with an auto accessory company to pursue infringers of the utility and design patents covering a hand-held pulling tool in China, Germany, Australia and the United States as well as through actions regarding infringements occurring on the Internet.
  • Handle domestic and international trademark clearance, enforcement, and portfolio management for a knife Company. Provide counsel on anti-counterfeiting, product endorsement and sponsorship agreements, and domestic and international distribution agreements.
  • Represent a sportswear company in litigation against an outdoor accessory company for infringement of two utility patents and one design patent covering its innovative signature technologies for its outerwear products.
  • Guided RevMedx to obtain its first patent on X-Stat (a device that can instantly plug up bullet wounds to prevent victims from bleeding out before medical help arrives), named an Invention of the Year by Popular Science. The work continues toward global protection for numerous products to be launched by RevMedx.
  • Represents precision automation equipment designer and manufacturer DWFritz in managing ‎intellectual property policies/procedures, guiding strategic decisions, and securing proper patent and ‎trademark protection.‎
  • Provide strategic counsel for DWFritz Automation on patent and trademark preparation/prosecution, commercial ‎contracts, and strategic guidance. We have been assisting in internally ‎developing and nurturing a startup venture with the intent to create a new spin-out entity.‎
  • Managed a years-long enforcement campaign protecting a market leader’s brand against frequent third-party infringement.

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