Steve Yates


Steve Yates joined Schwabe after 16 years working with Intel Corporation. Steve has been deeply involved with technology almost his entire life, starting with the IMSAI 8080 when he was ten, through getting his BA and MA in Computer Science from Boston University. Steve then attended Harvard Law to set the foundation for a career in law and technology that has spanned over two decades.

Steve has focused his current intellectual property (IP) practice on software and Internet patents. His patent experiences over the years span diverse focus areas, and include worldwide portfolio development, analysis, targeted patenting, acquisitions, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Open Source, government contracting, US and non-US government sponsored research, and patent prosecution. Steve also has a passion for pro bono work.

**Admitted to practice only in Massachusetts and the USPTO.  Supervised by shareholders in the Portland office.



  • Preparing software and Internet patents.
  • Worldwide patent portfolio development and management.
  • Patent analysis, such as reviewing patents for potential relevance to 3rd parties; infringement analysis.
  • Targeted patenting, such as filing continuations on patents to focus claims on a 3rd party product or revenue stream.
  • Patent acquisitions, such as reviewing marketplace opportunities for portfolio gap-filling patents.
  • Special interest groups, such as reviewing join requests for potential license impact to patent portfolios.




Massachusetts State Bar

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Outside The Office