Alexandra DeFelice


Alexandra DeFelice serves as the Industry Group Manager for two of the law firm’s six core industry groups—Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail (including ‎the Food and Beverage and Outdoor and Athletic subgroups) and Natural Resources (including Agriculture ‎and Timber/Forest Products).

She is ‎responsible for identifying opportunities to better serve Schwabe’s clients ‎and prospects, which involves developing a deep understanding of the clients’ key challenges and opportunities. She looks for ways to take relationships beyond legal services to truly become partners and advocates for clients’ long-term success.

Alexandra also works with key industry associations to ensure that Schwabe is embedded into the organizations where our clients learn and network. She prides herself on encouraging Schwabe’s attorneys to be lifelong learners when it comes to our clients’ industries.

She began her career nearly 20 years ago as a reporter and editor for ‎community newspapers and business magazines, then served as an international liaison for one of the top global ‎accounting networks before moving from New York City to work for Schwabe in 2016.

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