Jeffrey S. Marlink


Jeff Marlink develops patent protection strategies uniquely tailored to achieve client goals. Working with businesses ranging from solo inventors to multinational technology corporations, Jeff knows how to use different tactics to advance each client’s objective, whether it is a global product launch or a future patent assignment or license. In addition, he helps clients supplement their new products by providing trademark protection for brands and copyright protection for designs.

First-hand knowledge helps bring products to market

Jeff knows the product development process from beginning to end, allowing him to truly understand his clients’ needs. As a former electrical engineer at a mid-sized technology furniture company, Jeff worked with teams to develop and bring multiple products to market. After launch, he created documentation and worked with customers to support their use of the products. His experience working with an owner who grew his company from a small start-up has given Jeff a deep appreciation for entrepreneurs and inventors.



  • Obtained patent protection for portions of sorting equipment for a multinational materials recovery company in countries including the United States, Canada and Australia.
  • Prepared and prosecuted multiple patent applications relating to the fields of computer software, electrical hardware and wireless communications for large multinational corporations.
  • Obtained patent protection for improvements to lift trucks for a market leader in materials-handling equipment.
  • Worked with and prepared patent applications related to furniture and footwear fields for solo inventors.

Memberships & Awards


  • Multnomah Bar Association, Member
  • American Bar Association, Member

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