Ryan N. Strauss


A computer engineer by training, Ryan Strauss understands the sophisticated intellectual property he protects for his clients. He handles domestic and foreign patent prosecution with a focus on wireless/telecommunications systems and networks, user ‎interaction devices and applications, mobile/web applications, social networking applications, facial and object recognition, ‎semiconductor packaging and fabrication processes, supercritical fluid extraction devices ‎and forestry/landscaping devices. Ryan’s background allows him to effectively translate complex technology into patent applications and supporting documents. He counsels clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and solo inventors on strategies for robust patent prosecution.

Before joining Schwabe, Ryan practiced as a patent attorney in Virginia and in Seattle, where he prepared and prosecuted patent applications in the areas of wireless/telecommunications systems and networks, e-commerce applications, Internet advertising, search engine systems, social networking applications, peer-to-peer networks, mobile/web applications, image compression technologies, database and datacenter management, semiconductors, flat panel display devices, printer technologies, nuclear reactor protection systems and furniture.

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