By: Megan Campbell Staff Writer | Puget Sound Business Journal

Kevin Shah wants business leaders to think bigger than equality.

“We need to think equity,” said Shah, director of product at Axon Enterprise, which specializes in body cameras for law enforcement. “Equal rights is not enough, but equitable opportunities should be the goal.”

He said there was “an under-current of shame” surrounding his sexuality. This experience made him more vocal on equity issues, and he eventually decided to overcome the burden he faced as a gay man.

“Creating an equitable system that offers the same opportunities to trans people of color as a cis white man regardless of their family background or their economic status is essential,” he said.

Business leaders like Shah are in prime positions to fosters equity, diversity and inclusion in their organization and community.

The Puget Sound Business Journal, in partnership with GSBA, is honoring 14 such individuals, including Shah, as Outstanding Voices in the LGBTQ community. These business leaders have worked to advance inclusion and create a safe environment for individuals to bring their authentic self into the workplace.

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