Recover Seattle Top Takeaways: Future of Work

Yesterday, we presented the fourth and final installment of the Recover Seattle series alongside Downtown Seattle Association and Puget Sound Business Journal. Our panel of local business leaders shared their predictions on what the future holds for a subject many are scratching their heads about: the future of work.

Though we heard our panelists’ thoughts on what might happen, the majority of the discussion focused on what we can do right now as we continue to work through the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some top takeaways from the event.

Pacing and flexibility

  • As we move forward, consider shortening the planning cycle. With so many unknowns, it may make sense to utilize a three-month planning cadenceinstead of annual (or longer) strategic plans.
  • It’s important to set intentional pacing. This includes not over-scheduling, creating buffer zones, and being mindful that employee support systems, such as ones composed of friends and family, are also under prolonged stress and at risk of collapse.

Proactivity from leadership

  • Build systems where people can “be whole humans.” Leaders need to allow (and encourage) employees to maintain work/life boundaries.
  • Make sure that leadership teams are visible, being both positive and supportive.

The Recover Seattle event concluded with moderators and panelists agreeing that while a crystal ball would make it easier to predict the future, ultimately focusing on priorities can help give us what we need to fly out of the pandemic.


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