The federal government now has passed legislation on the topic of food labeling laws concerning ‎genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and in doing so, has stripped away concerns over state-‎by-state labeling laws. This summer, President Obama signed legislation passed by Congress that ‎will require foods that contain GMOs to be labeled in a certain way. Such packages will have to ‎show one of three things: a text label, a symbol, or an electronic code readable via smartphone ‎indicating whether GMOs exist in the food. ‎

This new law is a step towards consistency with GMO-food labeling across the country. States ‎now can no longer set their own rules, despite previous developments of stricter labeling ‎standards at the state level. But much is still up in the air regarding details and labeling schemes. ‎Stay tuned as the GMO-food labeling focus shifts to the national spotlight. ‎

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