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As ardent admirers of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, we are increasingly mindful of the impact our ecological footprint has on the local, regional, and global environment.

From choosing sustainable office and cleaning products to promoting eco-friendly transportation options, Schwabe is committed to creating opportunities that encourage our firm to act as stewards of our planet.

As a firm, Schwabe works toward sustainability across our offices where possible through:

  • Providing paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling throughout all locations
  • Using sustainable cleaning products
  • Archiving files electronically to reduce paper use
  • Purchasing recycled products, including 50% and 100% recycled paper
  • Working with suppliers that use minimal packaging
  • Installing lights with sensors that shut off when rooms are empty
  • Placing compost, aluminum, glass, and paper recycling bins in kitchen stations
  • Employing motion sensors on our restroom sinks
  • Providing electronic, battery, writing utensil, and light bulb collecting and recycling for employees
  • Encouraging sustainable transportation through bicycle commuting, providing subsidies for mass transit, and offering a hybrid vehicle for firm transportation

Schwabe’s Sustainability Team assists the firm in implementing sustainability policies and establishing sustainable office practices through:

  • Educating firm personnel on sustainability
  • Making recommendations to firm leadership to implement sustainability policies
  • Promoting the firm’s sustainability efforts externally

In anticipation of Earth Day 2021, our Sustainability Team surveyed Schwabe employees to learn about their individual sustainability practices and design activities to increase participation in our firm’s sustainability efforts, inside and outside our offices. We learned:

  • Over 71% of respondents were committed to only printing what was necessary while working remotely.
  • More than 50% want to see the firm reduce our environmental impact in regard to energy.
  • Sixty percent wanted sustainable office supplies. Respondents also desired more recycling options, so we ensured that there is a recycling program in each of our locations.
  • More than 27% desired sustainability-themed activities, so Schwabe’s Sustainability Team organized a cleanup of one of our downtown locations, is exploring clothing donation options for all office sites, and regularly shares access to informational webinars to help colleagues learn more.

Schwabe is a member of the Law Firm Sustainability Network and participates in the American Legal Industry Sustainability Standard (ALISS) survey to record benchmarks and identify areas to improve Schwabe’s sustainability efforts.

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