Innovation inspires everything we do.


Innovation requires vision.  It is enhanced by constant collaboration, feedback, improvement, transparency, and dedication.

Staffed by a combination of attorneys, technical staff, and marketing professionals our Innovation Lab partners with clients to solve real-world problems.  We combine experience across disciplines and practice areas to differentiate Schwabe’s legal service delivery.  

Examples of Innovation Lab initiatives

Litigation Matter Management Portals

With 24/7, real-time access on any device, this secure software allows for a centralized location for all phases of litigation through trial appeal.


Allowing stakeholders to collaborate, track, and automate documents and process ranging from case assessments, evidence, witness bios, production logs, calendars, budgets, and status reports.

News and Regulatory Alert Portals

Regulatory tracking and compliance resource, providing news and alerts on key industry issues.

A customized news dashboard and curated blog serves the latest, relevant topics from sources across multiple jurisdictions and.


With 24/7, real-time access on any device and custom auto-alerts, clients can access anywhere, anytime and run unlimited searches.

Matter Visibility and Document Management Portals

A dedicated hub for managing client matters, sharing industry news, maintaining corporate documents, and automating the workflow of task management  and document creation, all in one easy-to-access portal.


With 24/7, real-time access on any device and features such as versioning control, auditing, and reporting, clients can check the status of  matters and easily collaborate with  Stakeholders.

Contract Management Solutions

Streamline your organization’s contract lifecycle management, from intake to signature, with Schwabe’s custom contract management solution. The portal allows for templates, such as NDAs and supply agreements, which can be customized for client-specific documents. Stakeholders can check the status of an agreement, compare redlined versions, and comment on documents for seamless collaboration within the portal. Clients can integrate their DocuSign accounts, and upload signed contracts into a repository. The repository includes key dates and metrics for tracking contract renewals and expiration dates.