You Know It’s Maritime!

January 7, 2023

The maritime industry is a driving force in the global economy and affects us all, wherever we live. Our podcast aims to raise awareness of the extraordinary people and amazing companies involved in this industry.

Episode 11 (December 6, 2023): With nearly a decade of experience in the U.S. Coast Guard, Lieutenant Cyrus Unvala shares a fascinating look into a career of public service and safer seas.

Episode 10 (April 11, 2023): Dale Bateman, Associate Dean for the Seattle Maritime Academy, discusses the pressing needs of the maritime industry and some ways that people can dive into an exciting life at sea in our latest episode of You Know It’s Maritime!

Episode 9 (March 2, 2023): Our guest in this episode is Alex Strogen, Chief Commercial Officer at the Port of Vancouver USA. Alex shares his excitement about work at the Port and his fascinating career path in the maritime industry.

Episode 8 (September 20, 2022): Guy Stephenson, former president and CEO of Westwood Shipping Lines joins us to talk about his remarkable career and sagacious knowledge of maritime law.

Episode 7 (July 27, 2022): Our guest this episode spent 39 years working on the Columbia Snake River System since 1979. The Vice President, Marine Services, at Shaver Transportation Company Rob Rich Joins our Host Colin Folawn to discuss all things Maritime in the latest episode of You Know It’s Maritime!

Episode 6 (June 6, 2022):  CEO and Co-Founder of Discovery Health MD, Dr Ann Jarris joins our host Colin to chat about the intersection of Healthcare and Maritime in episode 6 of You Know It’s Maritime!

Episode 5 (May 20, 2022): Check out the latest episode of our podcast, Your Know It’s Maritime! featuring Sloane Perras, Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer at Saltchuk Marine Shared Services. Sloane shares with listeners the breath of Saltchuk Marine’s Maritime business and her career path in the industry.

Episode 4 (Jan 25, 2022): Join us as we hear from Bob Kehoe, Executive Director of PSVOA and Vice President of the United States Fishermen of Alaska. We’ll hear about his journey as a former attorney, being appointed to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission by Governor Jay Inslee, and his 25 years at Purse Seine Vessel Owners Association.

Episode 3 (Jan 3, 2022): From Civil Engineer in Juneau, Alaska, to Executive Director at Columbia River Steamship Operators’ Association in Portland, Oregon; Kate Mickelson, joins our podcast to talk about the immense impact the Columbia River and its maritime industry makes on our local economy.

Episode 2 (Oct 28, 2021): Accomplished Bering Sea Captain and published author Jake Jacobsen, gives us insights on the importance of regulation in the maritime industry, and the heart that goes into a lifetime of adventure on the high seas.

Episode 1 (May 14, 2021): Our guest Christine James, P&I Claims Manager at Charles Taylor TPA, chats about women working in the maritime industry, maritime insurance and benefit claims, the Jones Act, and much more.

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