The new FDA food menu labeling rules generally require a restaurant or other retail food establishment having 20 or more locations (under the same or similar name) and selling substantially the same restaurant-type food items to provide calorie and other detailed nutritional information to consumers.  The calorie information must be disclosed on menus and menu boards, whereas the detailed nutrition information must be made available to consumers upon request.  These new requirements apply mostly to standard menu items, as well as some alcoholic beverages. 

Traditionally, calorie and other nutritional information has not been provided in the restaurant setting.  While many chain restaurants and other retail food establishments have started providing such information, the FDA will soon mandate such disclosures.  The new rules will become effective December 1, 2016, though the compliance date is May 5, 2017.

See overview of the requirements under these new rules and how covered establishments should prepare to comply with them in the coming months.

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