It’s no secret that the term “selfie” has become an everyday aspect of American pop culture over the last few years. Of course, selfie-taking is mostly for fun.  But for NeuralEye, a Portland-based tech company that has developed revolutionary image recognition software, it’s actually a key component of testing new software.

This machine learning technology was first developed for NASA to enable the Mars Rover to figure out what it was landing on as it hurtled through Mars’s atmosphere.  It’s now being used to identify less exotic things, like people. NeuralEye’s software is designed to set new standards for facial recognition, as it can match even the grainiest images and obscurely angled photos with its Saccadic Sight technology that works similarly to the human eye and brain.

So, where do selfies fit into all of this? To refine their algorithm, NeuralEye needed a diverse group of volunteers to take selfies using devices loaded with its software. Schwabe attorneys and staff stepped up to support its client with this exciting endeavor. 

NeuralEye was pleasantly surprised to find a mass of volunteers eager to help a client, which is just another example of what it means to be represented by Schwabe—even if it means taking countless selfies. 

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