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Schwabe is one of the top law firms serving the needs of businesses in the Pacific Northwest, providing a broad range of transactional and litigation services to the Northwest’s leading companies.

We are looking for outstanding professionals who share our commitment to camaraderie and teamwork in every aspect of the firm. Whether you are an attorney, a staff member or a summer associate, at Schwabe we believe your contribution is an important part of achieving our collective potential.

“Oftentimes, the pathways to a large firm like Schwabe are not as open as they could be or should be for students who come from different backgrounds. We’re trying to open up the breadth of the pool and do that in a very purposeful way.”

—Graciela Gomez Cowger, Schwabe CEO


“Schwabe is a place where folks have a mind-set of support and collaboration. This holds true for all lawyers and staff, including the most senior and long-standing shareholders to junior associates to a mighty team of marketers and other professionals providing support. People listen to each other and are open to new ideas and innovation. The environment here is one of enthusiasm and team-work. A great place.” 

Bill Abrams, SEA, Shareholder