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Where are they now? A look at some of the local startups that participated in prior NW Technology Showcase events

May 2, 2017



CrowdStreet is transforming commercial real estate with software and services that enable online fundraising and investor management. Their customers currently use the CrowdStreet ‎Platform to manage over $2.6 billion in U.S. commercial real estate investments.‎

Since CrowdStreet participated in the NW Technology Showcase in May of 2015, the company ‎has raised an ‎additional $3.5 million through a Series A round, added a SaaS offering, increased ‎the number of listings on its Marketplace tenfold, and the projects on the Marketplace ‎platform raised an additional $105 million. The ‎number of customers on the platform went ‎from eight to 110, and they have more than tripled their ‎number of employees with staff ‎count currently at 26. ‎

The company attributes its success to their direct-investment approach that gives investors easy accessibility to high-quality investments. Also providing developers and operators the ‎ability to ‎manage their relationships with investors through this platform is a technology that ‎sets them apart in ‎the world of commercial real estate investing.   ‎


Since participating in the NW Technology Showcase in May of 2016, Portland-‎based startup Vault has received $1.6 million in funding and also took home ‎the ‎Audience Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt. Prior to their TechCrunch ‎success in London, the Vault team spent time in Silicon Valley participating in the ‎Plug & Play Fintech Accelerator. Vault is a finance company that offers a ‎unique ‎approach to saving for retirement. Customers use Vault’s app to build better ‎savings habits by automatically depositing a small portion of their income into a ‎diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Their mission is to make ‎saving easy and investing accessible to everyone. ‎

Now a strong 12-member team, Vault has hired several key players over the past ‎year. CEO, Randy Fernando, has brought on Jimmy Douglas, Vault’s new Chief ‎Operating Officer and former employee of Portland fintech company, Smarsh. Joel ‎Cloralt, former ‎Microsoft software engineer, is now Vault’s VP of Product ‎Development and most recently, Vault hired Christian Maynard-Phillipp, previously ‎with U.S. Department of the Treasury, as the new Chief Compliance Officer. ‎

What’s next for this growing startup? The launch of their iOS and Android app in ‎the next few days! ‎

Moonshadow Mobile

After taking home more than half a million in combined funding and follow-on investments at the ‎Willamette Angels Conference in 2015, Moonshadow Mobile’s technology has continued to grow. ‎They had some major milestones since participating in the NW Technology Showcase in May of 2016. ‎Over the last year, they’ve built and introduced DB4IoT, a breakthrough database engine for the ‎Internet of Moving Things that captures GPS location, vehicle health, diagnostic, and other sensor data ‎from moving objects. This technology can be used to track bus, train or passenger movement in real ‎time, retain historic movements and visualize these instantly through animations, graphs, charts, web ‎dashboards and analytics. DB4IoT can be integrated with existing fleet management systems or ‎retrieve data from mobile apps or wearables. ‎

Just this April, TriMet presented at an industry conference on how they used this technology to get a ‎detailed overview of the cellular and LMR connectivity in Portland for a one month period – see more ‎here. This technology is currently in the early stages of use within the public transit sector. Because ‎both vehicle and driver performance can be tracked, it seems Moonshadow Mobile’s product will ‎make for an incredibly useful transportation technology going forward. Moonshadow is now working together with TriMet and Portland based traffic engineering firm DKS to ‎develop a tool to analyze and visualize traffic congestion that causes delays in bus service.  A number ‎of other public transit agencies have shown interest in using DB4IoT for this purpose.‎


Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, RevMedx is a privately held medical device company whose mission is to ‎design, develop and manufacture innovative medical products that save lives. Since presenting at the ‎‎2015 NW Technology Showcase, the company has hit several key milestones to fulfill its mission and ‎launched a commercially successful manufacturing entity in Oregon. ‎

Their premier product, XSTAT® was developed in close collaboration with US Special Forces to address ‎life-threatening bleeding (hemorrhage) in certain areas of the body where current solutions were ‎ineffective. XSTAT is now being carried by military medics and civilian first responders worldwide. The ‎product has been used in numerous successful patient treatments by both military and civilian ‎professionals in the US and globally. RevMedx obtained FDA clearances that have expanded the ‎portfolio to include additional versions of the XSTAT product. The company also expanded its ‎manufacturing by almost doubling the workforce as well as significantly increasing capacity. They ‎have received international media coverage that has included a story on CBS Nightly News and social ‎media coverage that netted over 30 million views on Tech Insider’s Facebook page.   ‎

RevMedx continues to expand its distribution network and plans to be active in 40 countries ‎worldwide by the end of 2017.  ‎

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