Hurley Development, led by real estate developer Ryan Hurley, has been progressively expanding its operations in Vancouver for over a decade. Hurley has a myriad of developments in progress, all aimed to expand Vancouver’s commercial and residential property space, while simultaneously improving the community. Though Hurley has many projects in the works, you won’t find much information about the company online. Ryan runs his company a bit differently than many developers do. In lieu of a strong web presence, he opts for a more tangible method to gain professional collateral.  He believes in leveraging his professional relationships to build his company’s name instead of having an extensive digital trail.

So how does Ryan balance public interest and making practical business decisions?

  • Search for projects that will make a positive impact for the neighborhood. Ryan’s team looks at B and C properties that can be developed to improve areas that are considered less desirable.
  • Be flexible. Understand what the other party needs and consider how you can make reasonable sacrifices to accommodate them.
  • Trust is key in building partnerships. Profitability comes second, but loyalty is vital to maintaining business partners.

One of Ryan’s current projects under construction in the downtown area, consisting of a multi-story office building near the train tracks, will potentially bring about greater change in this thriving section of Vancouver. The area was previously occupied by an auto body shop. Hurley’s team hopes the new building will serve to improve this area since it’s in close proximity to the waterfront, making Vancouver more attractive to the other side of the river. In Ryan’s eyes, the benefit for Vancouver and close proximity to Portland makes this an ideal location.

Ryan’s character defines his company’s overall message and tone. His vision for success is twofold: create and/or maintain long-term partnerships based on transparency, while seeking properties that will further cultivate the community. Ryan often pursues properties that some developers would pass on due to seemingly undesirable tenants or risky locations. Additionally, he focuses his time and money towards greater civic efforts. Ryan’s team took part in the construction of one of Vancouver’s major initiatives created in the spirit of generosity: Boomerang, a unique shop full of donated items, supporting local causes with all its proceeds.

Hurley is #RepresentedBySchwabe.

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