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In hindsight, 2020 will likely be remembered as a year like none other. Amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Schwabe interviewed some of our clients to learn how they were using their businesses to move the dial and innovating for good in this unprecedented time.


For the first edition of Fueling Change, we explored how our clients were working to innovate and respond to a changing marketplace. The Pacific Northwest economy is woven with the distinctive industries that shape the West Coast, and our clients shared how their businesses fueled change within our region’s unique ecosystem.

But this time around with a pandemic pressing upon us, we wanted to learn what our clients were doing to keep fueling change—in an era when we still aren’t sure what lies on the other side. We were inspired to hear stories of lifesaving tech for walking into fires, to pivoting production to create very important PPE and masks, and so much more.

With that, we're excited to invite you to dive into these encouraging interviews where our clients share how innovation happens when people use creativity and communication to work together for the common good.

See how our clients are finding new ways to innovate within their companies, with the goal and genuine desire to simply make the world better.


Where creativity meets caring Marv Nelson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at A-dec, shares how a culture built on a foundation of caring enabled A-dec to pivot and innovate in uncertain times.

AGC Oregon & AGC Washington

Two states, two chapters: driven by one overarching concept: safety

The story of two chapters rallying to work within the restrictions of state guidelines and federal oversight to reopen the construction industry during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two chapters, two states, one mission. Guests include: Mike Salsgiver, Executive Director, AGC Oregon, David D’Hondt, Executive Vice President, AGC Washington, and more. 

Global Partners

Empowering innovation from the front line

Eric Slifka, President and CEO, Global Partners, offers insight on how communication has been key in Global Partner's pandemic response.

OHSU School of Public Health

Inspiring change in healthcare through policy, science, and education

Dr. David Bangsberg, Dean of the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, delivers a dose of optimism for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic through policy, science, and education.

Port of Seattle

How to combat the invisible problem of human trafficking

Sam Cho, Commissioner, and Chad Aldridge, Operational Readiness Activation and Transition ‎Manager, Port of Seattle, explain how to tackle human trafficking through an innovative educational program.  


Fueling emergency response with innovation

Sam Cossman, Founder, Qwake Technologies, walks us through how collaboration fuels innovation when working for the greater purpose of saving first responder lives.

Seamus Golf

Pivoting from handcrafted accessories to PPE Akbar Chisti, CEO and Founder, Seamus Golf, candidly explains why Seamus Golf pivoted quickly to innovate and "just do something!" to help fight COVID-19.

We’re proud to share the stories of how Schwabe’s clients are fueling change and innovating for good.




Global Partners
Port of Seattle

OHSU/PSU School of Public Health


Seamus Golf Co.