On October 13, 2020, the Oregon Department of Revenue (“DOR”) issued a temporary administrative order amending OAR 150-305-0460 to allow paper returns, statements, or documents to be signed through a facsimile method.  A facsimile signature is a signature visibly affixed to a paper return using electronic or mechanical equipment or an electronic or mechanical device.  

The DOR issued this amendment because the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for paper returns, statements, and documents prepared by practitioners to be hand signed by taxpayers. Accordingly, under OAR 150-305-0460, taxpayers may use the facsimile method to sign personal income tax returns and corporate income tax returns due on October 15, 2020, and November 15, 2020, respectively. 

If you have any questions or comments about this temporary amendment or any other tax-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dan Eller or Alee Soleimanpour.

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