Companies and individuals navigating trusts and probates are represented by Schwabe.

What our clients say

“As a health insurance agent in Central Oregon, we needed a tax and estate planning team that we felt ‎possessed the same values that we did as ‘personal professionals’ that have the client’s best interest ‎as the main objective. We deal with almost 1,000 Medicare-eligible people and our clients are very ‎pleased with the Schwabe team. A grand slam as far as our clients are concerned.”

Don Klippenes, Health Insurance Strategies


  • Implementing a life insurance trust (ILIT) holding $10 million of insurance to ensure the family timber business has liquidity to pay estate taxes.
  • Implementing Alaska Domestic Asset Protection Trust to ensure appreciated business assets pass tax-free to child.
  • Creating Spousal Trusts (SLATs) to allow spouse to enjoy farms for life and allow them to pass tax-free to family as part of legacy after death.
  • Guiding Personal Representatives of Estates through the Probate process for a taxable estate in excess of $40M.

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