Those planning for the future and protecting the next generation are represented by Schwabe.

What our clients say

“I have had the pleasure of working with Schwabe on several projects. These are usually highly ‎complex matters that require only the highest caliber of attorney to understand the issues and work ‎with an eye constantly on achieving the desired outcome. The Schwabe team asks the right ‎questions. The attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle these matters. The team at Schwabe is ‎expert and as good as anyone we’ve worked with in complex title matters.”

Steve McDonald, County Manager/Vice President, Deschutes County Title ‎


  • Helped charitable clients form and administer a $20 million charitable remainder trust and a $20 million charitable lead trust.
  • Crafted and implemented an estate plan for a farm owner that ensured continuity of farming operations and minimized the imposition of estate tax.
  • Reduced the proposed tax deficiency by over $400,000 in an estate tax audit.
  • Created an estate plan for a business owner that provides for the continuing operation of a $70 million business and defers estate taxes under U.S. Code Section 6166.

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