Blount International (previously an Oregon private company and Schwabe client), a global manufacturer and marketer of replacement parts and equipment for everything from forestry and garden to ranching and agriculture, needed help managing their extensive patent portfolio. Schwabe worked with Blount to develop an innovative solution, including fixed, on-site office hours with intellectual property attorney Steven Prewitt, allowing him to understand Blount’s business. Steven became a mainstay of the office and was woven into the fabric of decision-making and brainstorming.

“Blount would not have been nearly as successful if he [Steven Prewitt] had not done the office hours. He has a relationship with the engineers and sales and marketing team. He is a part of the ideation and innovation process and assists Blount in maximizing its competitive advantage.”

– Chad Paulson, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Steven’s on-site office hours made him an extension of the Blount team. He understood Blount’s goals and built relationships across the spectrum, creating efficiencies and acting as a driving force to achieving Blount’s vision.

Paulson credits numerous benefits to this arrangement, including reducing the annual spend of Blount’s patent portfolio but maximizing its overall value to the company.

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