SALEM, Ore. (May 4, 2017) — Today, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt announced that the firm has added two lawyers to its agriculture and forest products teams. This strategic move bolsters ‎Schwabe’s ‎capacity to serve the ‎agriculture and timber/forest products industries and the clients who work in those fields.

New to Schwabe are Joe Hobson of Ritter Hobson, LLC and Maria ‎Schmidlkofer of Willamette ‎Valley Estate Planning and Probate. Both firms’ staffs have joined Schwabe as well, including Judy ‎Baker and Michele Ploeser of Ritter ‎Hobson and Alison Fladwood of Willamette Valley Estate ‎Planning and Probate.‎ These additions enhance our existing team consisting of Martha Pagel, Shonee Langford and Karen Donohue.

“Salem is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, an important area for Oregon agriculture.  As the state’s capitol, what goes on in Salem has great influence on the vitality of Oregon’s agriculture and forest products industries, as well,” said Elizabeth Howard, Natural Resources Industry Group Leader at Schwabe. “We are proud to offer the region’s agriculture and forest products communities the highest-quality legal services. Adding Joe and Maria to our team is evidence of our continued commitment to providing high-quality legal services to the agriculture and forest products companies we serve. ”

  • ‎Joseph H. Hobson, Jr., previously of Ritter Hobson, LLC, has joined Schwabe as ‎Shareholder and member of the firm’s agriculture and forest products teams. He has more ‎than four decades of experience in ‎business law, with a focus in agricultural ‎issues. The majority of his clients are individual farms or ‎forest owners or ‎entities that represent the interests of farms or forest owners. He has helped organize and represent notable businesses involved in processing and marketing agricultural products nationally and internationally. Before joining Ritter Hobson, Joe served ‎as ‎inside counsel to the Oregon Farm Bureau and as the Director of the National ‎Center for Agricultural Law ‎Research and Information.
  • Maria Schmidlkofer, previous owner of Willamette Valley Estate Planning and ‎Probate, has joined ‎Schwabe as Of Counsel, focusing on tax and estate planning. ‎She is a native ‎Oregonian with roots in rural Washington County who has practiced estate planning and administration in Salem for the past 10 years. She enjoys working with a wide range of clients with varied circumstances to create custom tailored estate and succession plans to fit individualized needs. From asset protection planning for physicians and business owners to charitable giving, Maria ensures that individual goals are incorporated into the estate plan. Custom planning ensures efficient and conflict-free transition of assets and businesses in the event of disability or death.  Maria also guides clients through trust and estate administration. She has long-term relationships with her clients and often develops multigenerational legacy plans. Living in the rural community of Stayton, she especially enjoys working with Oregon’s ‎agricultural and forest communities to minimize tax issues and ensure workable family succession planning is in place for our Oregon farms.

The expanded Schwabe office in Salem is located in the same building as the former office, but on a different floor: 530 Center St. NE, Suite 730, in the Equitable Center Building.

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