At Schwabe, we strive to do more than just win cases, close deals, or render legal advice. Each day we take the values that shape our firm and work to exemplify them through our culture, in our services, and for our clients and communities. Schwabe’s foundation includes dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion; the pursuit of innovation; encouragement and support of pro bono work; and a commitment to sustainability.

In celebration of Earth Day, Schwabe’s Sustainability Team conducted an internal survey to learn more about the desires and habits of our people and discover how we could better support sustainability goals and best practices. We learned from members of our firm how we can create opportunities to get involved, what kind of activities they have already been doing, and where we can better support individual and collective efforts.

The Sustainability Team also encouraged survey-takers to commit to a pledge to integrate one sustainable effort into their everyday lives, and provided an opportunity for our attorneys and staff to offer—in their own words—why sustainability is important to them. For those looking for a little Earth Day inspiration, we invite you to hear why sustainability is important to the people of Schwabe:

“Sustainability spans multiple levels, from person, home, work, city, state, country, continents, and the world. We all must do our part to save the planet.”
Stephen Sullivan, Shareholder

“Sustainability is important to me because my 12-year-old neighbor wants a healthy planet for her kids in the future.”
Judy Yorozu, Office Services Supervisor

“Sustainability is important so that future generations can enjoy beautiful and clean rivers, valleys, mountains, beaches, and roads.”
Della Stadeli, Legal Assistant

“Sustainability honors how my grandmother raised us (from having raised kids during the depression). Waste not.”
Chris Howard, Shareholder

“Alaska is already gorgeous; I want to keep it that way.”
Kayla Tanner, Associate

“Law firms use a tremendous amount of resources to best serve our teams and clients. So we need to be mindful of doing that in the most sustainable way possible.”
Stephanie Holmberg, Shareholder

“Our planet’s resources are finite. It’s important to conserve resources and utilize renewable and/or sustainable options as much as possible, so those resources will be available for our children!”
Jonathan Ward, Shareholder

“Sustainability is important to me because at Schwabe, we are encouraged to think outside of what just serves us, and asks us how we can best serve the community. This means taking care of one another and the planet that we all live on. We are encouraged not only to be the helpers but to actually be the leaders. When something needs to get done, we know we have to step up and set the standard.” 
Robyn Vazquez, Lead Records Conflict Specialist

Schwabe’s Sustainability Team is led by Carmen Calzacorta, Dave Hepler, and Todd Martz, and supported by Gary Bruce, Claire Holman, Adam Murray, William Ohle, Nicole Proctor, Stephen Sullivan, Maria Schmidlkofer, Kayla Tanner, June Wiyrick Flores, and Judy Yorozu.

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