More than 10 million acres affected by environmental and natural resources regulations are represented by Schwabe.


  • Successfully defended a permit suspension and enforcement through the Forest Service administrative process.
  • Worked with a rural county to protect an RS 2477 road.
  • Evaluated and provided guidance to a port applicant through the USFWS consultation process on avian species.
  • Represented the applicant in an Oregon spotted frog consultation that resulted in a favorable biological opinion recognizing value of the client’s activity to the frog.
  • Resolved grazing permit enforcement actions and restored grazing activity on U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands.
  • Represented fishery industry groups in the Pacific Northwest challenging commercial fishing regulations and seasons for anadromous species of fish under state fish and wildlife regulations, the Magnuson Stevens Act, and the Endangered Species Act.
  • Advising public ports on Endangered Species Act compliance and development issues related to the streaked horned lark.

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