Companies that are proactive about protecting consumer data are represented by Schwabe.


  • Advised companies regarding notification obligations in data security breaches.
  • Advised clients on privacy, confidentiality, and data security terms in vendor contracts.
  • Settled disputes involving handling of consumer data.
  • Analyzed insurance policies for privacy/cyber liability coverage.
  • Counseled a fitness client on the collection and use of consumer ‎health data under the Washington My Health My Data Act.‎
  • Guided a big tech client on the risks associated with voice-enabled ‎technologies under U.S. wiretap laws, the EU e-privacy Directive, ‎U.S. state omnibus privacy laws, and biometric laws.‎
  • Advised healthcare conglomerates on the use of tracking ‎technologies under HIPAA, GDPR, and U.S. state omnibus privacy ‎laws.‎
  • Advised on the development and launch of AI-based Fintech service; ‎created and implemented compliance strategies to meet ‎requirements from GDPR, CCPA, FCRA, and anti-discrimination ‎laws.‎
  • Assisted clients across diverse industries with updates to their privacy ‎statements that ensured compliance with global data protection ‎laws.‎
  • Assisted various clients in responding to regulatory inquiries and ‎investigations, including from the FTC, EU data protection ‎authorities, and consumer protection advocates, related to the ‎collection and use of personal data; drafted responses and ‎developed legal strategies to reduce business disruptions from ‎inquiries and investigations; and helped implement technical ‎solutions across multiple business divisions to address concerns.‎
  • Drafted and negotiated data-sharing terms, data processing ‎agreements, and similar agreements, such as HIPAA BAAs, in ‎various commercial contexts.‎
  • Provided legal advice on privacy issues in M&A transactions to help clients ‎reduce risks related to the transfer of customer and employee ‎data.‎
  • Advised clients on various employment-related privacy matters, ‎including background checks and employee monitoring.‎
  • Counseled clients on security incidents and cybersecurity ‎events, including nation-state attacks; reported data breaches to ‎data protection authorities and other agencies.‎
  • Accelerated adoption of emerging technology by developing ‎contractual standards and solutions.

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