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Absolute Industry Focus. We believe that bureaucratic silos have no place in outstanding client service. We focus our practices by industry sector, so you can access legal services based on your unique needs in today’s economy.

Client University. Each month, Schwabe invites a key client for lunch with our lawyers and staff. You talk, we listen. We call it Client University and it is part of our ongoing commitment to learning about your business and industry.

Industry Institutes. Schwabe lawyers and staff attend regular education sessions sponsored by the firm to improve client-service skills, leverage efficiencies and better understand the industries we serve.

Entrepreneurialism. We not only respond to your needs, we look ahead to identify your opportunities. By studying the environment in which you do business, we can evaluate industry trends, develop growth strategies, investigate potential challenges and provide real-time legal support.

Community Leaders. Sound legal advice cannot be developed solely in an office or at a conference table. That’s why our lawyers are prominent voices and leaders in our communities. By serving as active community members and participating in industry associations and the industry sectors we support, we offer insights beyond what can be found in a traditional legal brief.

Client Service Team Approach. Our client service teams are responsible for guaranteeing client satisfaction. For example, in the transfer of client responsibility from one lawyer to another, the team will coordinate careful advance planning and in-person communication between lawyer and client to ensure a smooth transition.

Prompt Billing. Clients will receive all bills promptly, with advance personal review and accompanying communication by the client's primary lawyer.

Immediate Response. All Schwabe lawyers are committed to providing an immediate response to client communications, whether personally or through a delegate such as a secretary or another lawyer.

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