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Our Values

Our values help us attract clients and talented colleagues today, yet they are also why our firm has been together for 130 years. We’re stewards of these values. We live by them. We own them. We carry them forward.


Our values are generosity, taking great care of people, giving back to our communities, working and playing hard, empathy, and rewarding performance.


The shared values we prize take shape in action. Values are the Schwabe version of the timeless golden rule—treating people how we wish to be treated. The actions we live and stand by are:

  • being collaborative — On the surface this means we value the contributions of our colleagues and celebrate their success, but it is deeper than that. Being collaborative is helping others achieve what’s important to them. This applies equally to delivering great legal work for a client and helping someone take care of something important outside the office...
  • finding joy in what we do and how we do it — Schwabe people take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We embrace fun. We genuinely like and respect each other. Arrogance and complacency don’t fit here; we do not tolerate disruptive colleagues, and we highly value an enjoyable and satisfying workplace.
  • welcoming diversity in thought, action, and perspectives — We promote a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. We believe the diversity of our people enriches the fabric of our culture while promoting a high level of workplace satisfaction and engagement.
  • kicking ass consistently — We are strong legal thinkers, innovators, and go-getters who produce topnotch legal work. We are confident in what we do. We honor our entrepreneurial spirit while balancing the need for consistency and efficiency.
  • holding high standards — We adhere to the highest ethical standards and acknowledge that professionalism and loss prevention are critical to the success of the firm and our people.

One of the things we all value is becoming better and better; here’s how we accomplish that:

  • be bold — We push ourselves to get things done for our clients and each other.
  • be strategic — We understand who we are and who we are not. We use strategy to guide all that we do.
  • be healthy — We enjoy our work, build thriving communities, and support a fulfilling life.
  • be industrious — We stand with our clients, side by side, finding solutions informed by deep industry knowledge. We embrace change to drive improvement and pivot quickly when necessary... Representing Schwabe means we wear these shared values on our sleeves with pride, honor, heartfelt action, and the kind of hustle that got us here in the first place. This is the Schwabe way

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